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English Summer Camp & Global Internship in English Teaching

Inspired by the successful implementation and modeled on the effective module design of the 2015 TEEP program by STUST, the 2016 program intends to expand and diversify its international exchange in a more profound and innovative manner. 
The 2016 program essentially embraces three phases of learning and internship. The first phase involves mainly the implementation of an English summer camp. The 2016 Experiencing Tainan English Summer Camp, a 3-week program that highlights the participants’ multi-faceted immersion into life in Tainan, Taiwan’s cultural capital. In the second and third phase, foreign students are arranged to do intensive English teaching internship at six featured elementary schools which are well known for their English learning environment establishment and prominent English teaching module design.

The effects of the 2016 TEEP program @STUST will spread across academic levels and governments, creating a multiple win-win for all stakeholders involved in this program.