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The value added international exchange project featuring multi-faceted immersion into the unique Tainan culture and intense EFL teaching internship: From globalization to consolidation and diversification of global outreach and impact. 

TEEP (Taiwan Experience Education Program) is a first-ever innovative global exchange project of its kind initiated and promoted by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to expand Taiwan’s global outreach and impact.  Southern Taiwan University of Science & Technology (STUST) is one of the nine quality higher institutions in Taiwan that were selected by the MOE from among several scores of competitors as forerunning universities to implement their respective TEEP programs in 2015.

As the first TEEP program to highlight the unique cultural and historical heritage of Tainan City, the 2015 TEEP program by STUST made an amazing case of global exchange through successful globalization of the cultural capital of Taiwan.  Contextualized in the overarching framework of the Project of Promoting English as the Second Official Language by Tainan City Government(TCG), and the 10-year plan of TCG to make Tainan City a full-fledged bilingual city, the 2015 program by STUST worked hand in hand with TCG to streamline and maximize the available internal and external resources by which to further expand global outreach for TCG and STUST, and consolidate and fan out the globalization effects, creating a multiple win-win situation for the stakeholders concerned, and establishing an international reputation for Taiwan.

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