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Summer Camp

The 2016 Experiencing Tainan English Summer Camp, a 3-week program that highlights the participants’ multi-faceted immersion into life in Tainan, Taiwan’s cultural capital, and interactions with local students during the internship process.

The summer camp features a 3-component module of activities.  The first component involves learning about tourist highlights of Tainan with 25 foreign students doing the learning and then teaching local junior high students the content knowledge via initiation by STUST instructors and scaffolding by MA and undergraduate TA’s.  The second component transforms the content learning into on-site experiencing and teaching practicum at the featured scenic or historical locations, with foreign students guiding local students in groups to introduce a site in English.  The third component as a profound immersion measure engages the foreign students in the learning of Mandarin, Chinese calligraphy, tea making and Zen, mediating them through host families to the local life and Taiwanese culture.

Program highlights!!  (6/27~7/16)

(1) Learning Chinese language and culture (introducing traditional Chinese characters, tea making and Zen, and practicing calligraphy and painting).
(2) Visiting tourist attractions of Taiwanese historical heritage (Confucius Temple, Chikan Tower, Anping Old Fort, Eternal Golden Castle…) and Tainan cultural heritage (Chimei Museum, Sihcao Green Tunnel, Anping tree house, National Museum of Taiwna Literature, and Lin Mo-niang Park…)
(3) Having Tainan local cusine (Oyster Omelet, Rice Pudding, Stinky Tofu, Bubble Milk Tea, Shaved Ice with Mango…).
(4) Gaining teaching English abroad experiences.
The cultural activities and field trips explored in conjunction with junior high students will present participants with an in-depth understanding of Taiwan.
What are you waiting for?? Come and join our 2016 Summer Camp!!